LYNX to follow its development across US Market


G2Metric has been signing a partnership contract for the sales of its system LYNX with ACCUREX. ACCUREX is now in charge of the promotion and deployment of our solution across the US market.

ACCUREX is a leading company in 3D Metrology and quality control ( ), “LYNX system is for us a major innovation and very complementary to our range of product” says Bill Mongon (ACCUREX CEO), “Our partnership with ACCUREX and the relationship we have for years is a guarantee of a successful collaboration” add Mr François Gastou (G²Metric CEO).
Thus G2Metric was present for the first time, in the person of G2Metric Lionel Khelif (G2Metric Sales Manager), on ACCUREX Booth during the CMSC (Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference held July 20-24 in Hollywood, Florida. “ Our LYNX system, designed for vision quality control, has been very welcomed by the US aeronautics big player, presaging strong growth and great opportunities on the US market” says Lionel Khelif.

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