Quality, our priority

  • Expertise, in the use of measurement systems, G2Metric lend themselves to answering a very diverse customer and industry base including but not limited to the following (aeronautical, space, defense, nuclear power…).


  • Recognition, G2Metric is certified :


    • ISO 9001 since 2008. Our renewal audits,  met without any nonconformities, has integrated G2Metric GmbH (German subsidiary company), G2Metric Limited (UK subsidiary company) and in 2013 G2Metric Israel. Also, getting national and international approvals as expert in dimensional measurement enforce our relationship and confidence with our customers.


    • EASA Part 145 – Rating D1 (NDT) since 2013. Our Toulouse office is certified Part 145 for our Non Destructive Testing activities in a specified framework.


  • Innovation, in our core process which G2Metric is certified by Aerospace Valley (Aeronautic and Space Pole of competitiveness). We devote on average 3% of our turnover in R&D for new measurement systems.


  • Responsibilities, to increase our social impact, we regularly recruit young technicians and engineers. We also commit ourselves to respect the environment by regular replacements in our automotive park.


  • Location, with G2Metric located in France, Germany, the UK and Israel, we can offer all European customers the satisfaction of local area support.


For any questions about quality or our continuous improvement approach, please contact ludovic.meteleau@g2metric.com.

Quality documents

ISO 9001 certification Download


Direction Generale Aviation Civile
EASA Part 145 – Rating D1 (NDT) Download