Optical measuring instruments


We can provide you with the most suitable instrument for your optical measurement requirements: telescope, collimator, optical level…¬† and a wide range of products to mount them.

Targets and targets supports


We provide many types of targets for your measurement applications including corner cubes, target holders and photogrammetric targets.
‚ÄúCorner Cube‚ÄĚ reflectors¬†: these are available in the standard diameters of 0.5′, 7/8′ and 1.5′ in two quality levels (standard and high precision).
Reflectors supports and measurement accessories : a complete range is available for your measurement requirements. We can also meet your design needs and manufacture specific accessories.
Targets for photogrammetry : self-adhesive targets for photogrammetry and centering pieces. This range is suitable for most applications.¬† We can also offer resistant targets for your thermal tests applications (up to 260¬įC).
Targets for optical processes : we offer optical rulers and a complete range of optical test cards and mirrors.

Invar Kit


The Invar kits are adapted to all your dimensional measurement needs. We provide complete kits and accessories for your applications.
The Invar kits are presented in a pelicase  and can be customised by adding accessories according to your needs. These kits are available with different levels of precision and are provided with calibration certificates.

Tripods and Supports


The stability of your instruments during a measurement is crucial. As a result, we provide a complete range of tripods and additional support accessories.