fastCHECK : fastener inspection with real-time visual feedback

We offer you the latest technology for fastener inspection with the fastCHECK solution system by 8-Tree.
fastCHECK is an all-in-one solution for quickly measuring fastener flushness with real-time visual feedback, allowing your maintenance team to fix all identified defaults right-after.



fastCHECK is amazingly easy to use – fast, simple and intuitive.  It represents a ground-breaking approach to measuring fastener flushness – quickly, consistently and objectively.
This new technology can check a surface with dedicated algorithms : this means less time spent on maintenance tasks and no more errors due to human factor.
fastCHECK delivers analysis of fastener flushness and angle at the push of a button.  Real-time visualization of results is achieved by patent-pending augmented reality, which presents the measurement results directly on to the measurement surface.


Designed to be a fully self-contained unit, fastCHECK is completely tetherless – no external computer, no external monitor and no cumbersome power-supply cables.  fastCHECK is the first in a family of truly portable, yet powerful, measurement analysis tools.


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Up to 4,5 hours on battery (usable while recharging)
  • Real-time visual feedback
  • Remote controlled by iPod/iPhone app or basic remote.
  • Accuracy : 25 µm
  • 10x faster than current industry standard




fastCHECK can check approximately 30 fasteners at once in less than 2 seconds.
fastCHECK can be easily customized to different tolerance needs.
fastCHECK saves measurement results recorded in different formats.




fastCHECK video demonstration

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