GapGun : step & gap measuring device

Principle of operation

Gap Gun
GapGun is able to measure simultaneously gap and flush, mismatch, seal width, radii, chamfers, diameters, scratches and rivets.
The system projects a laser plan on surface to be controlled and takes a photogrammetric measurement of the intersection of this plan with the surface.
The analysis of the measured profile is carried out using a ‚Äúvirtual toolbox‚ÄĚ. This method of analysis allows the measurement of virtually any type of profile.¬† Multiple measurements can be taken with a single acquisition.
Development of bespoke tools available on  request.


Gap-Gun - Automotive application              Gap-Gun-Interface               Gap-Gun - Automotive application

Sensor heads

Gap Gun - Measurement heads
Gap Gun - Measurement heads
The performances of the GapGun system are ensured by the Sensor Head.
In order to answer different applications we propose to you a range of sensors heads offering a measurement up to 40 mm and a resolution up to 10 ¬Ķm.
The ergonomics of the system remains unchanged, only the sensor part is replaced.
The sensors heads are interchangeable to ensure the accessibility of certain measurements.


Gap Gun - Ergonomics
Gap Gun - Ergonomics
GapGun was design for a use in industrial areas. This requirement is based on a robust design and a convivial interface.
All is implemented to help the operator people during measurement operation, with the visual IHM on the control screen and by green LED indicating that measurement can be done.
This design results in a high degree of accuracy and a great repeatability of measurements, making measurements independent of the operating people.

Software Integration and Applications

Gap Gun - spc3d screen    Gap Gun - spc3d screen

GapGun uses the SPC3d software for the analysis of the profiles. SPC3D manages measurement toolboxes, realize the measurements and stores the results of measurement.
The GapGun software can be linked directly to Excel for the measurement results generation and the ‚ÄúData Management‚ÄĚ.
Third Dimension tied a privileged partnership with Infodream for the complete integration of GapGun under SPC Vision software.
GapGun is integrable for automatic measurements applications, with a robot, or through communication with databases for statistic process control.


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