LYNX (Vision Inspection Control Quality) : non-compliance control

Automatic System


LYNX is an automated vision system that removes the human error from visual inspection.
It significantly reduces manual inspection time checking thousand of features an hour and offers complete traceability with robust reporting.




LYNX detects any type of non-compliance :

  • Missing part
  • Improper mounting
  • Damaged part
  • Colorimetry
  • Texture analysis…

Support Non-OK                                          Support OK
supportNOKred    SupportOKgreen

High Technology

LYNX uses advanced processes that include :

  • High performance optical filters
  • Features of augmented reality
  • Innovating Hardware

Performance and Speed

Control Automation


 Up to 1 500 parts controlled in less than 1 hour.


Integrated light for environment control


 Real time results.

Flexibility and Integration

The control cell may consist of one or more robotic cameras working in parallel.
This specificity allows it to adapt to the working environment and cover both large and small volumes. LYNX can be integrated in your automated production processes.


More information

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