Non Contact measurement from 0 to 500 m, accuracies from 0.01 mm

Non contact measuring system for all your scanning applications.
The handheld 3D Scanners allow acquisition of high density point clouds for reverse engineering or the control of the product up to 1.5 m.

The Laser Radar automates non contact point measurement. Its high precision and its range  (equivalent to Laser Tracker) allows the measurement of large objects.
Laser Scanners enable high density scanning with wide coverage (up to several hundred meters). They are particularly suitable for as built type measurement.

Dynamic and Static measurement adjustment

Laser Trackers lend themselves perfectly to all control and adjustment operations.  They offer dynamic measurement capabilities and probe measurement. They are very accurate and versatile.
Modern numeric photogrammetric systems allow non-contact measurements on large volume objects.   They offer high accuracy measurement of deformations and can be used for applications where contact with the part to be measured is not possible.
Articulated measurement arms are a very powerful tool to measure small components.  Combined with LaserTracker, they allow large objects to be measured when access is difficult.
The latest measurement stations offer non-contact measurement functions.  They are particularly useful when measuring very large objects and network acquisition.
CMMs are a solution for dimensional quality control when high precision is required.  CMMs are used in a number of industries for inspecting initial samples and finished parts, fixing devices and much more.


Our team and their means

Because machines are nothing without humans, here are some pictures of our staff and their means in action.