Non Destructive Testing Services (NDT)

With dedicated technicians, our NDT department will help you control and check any parts or assemblies with testings supported by our Non-Destructive Testing department level III Eddy Current.


Our skills and qualifications

Level 3 : Cofrend-Cosac, Eddy Current
Level 2 : Cofrend-Cosac, Eddy Current, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant Testing, X-Ray
Boroscope Inspection


Inspection for delamination on composite flap Р               Inspection for crack on main landing gear -
Inspection by Ultrasonics testing                                             Inspection by Eddy Current testing.
Non-Destructive-Testing-NDT - Ultrasonics Testing                        Non-Destructive-Testing-NDT - Eddy-Current-Testing


Our skills and qualifications

We can perform 24 h/24, 7 days a week in france and Worldwide :

  • components inspection,
  • serial production integrated NDT,
  • mobile NDT for MRO operations,
  • damage assessment,
  • structural aging and health monitoring,
  • data processing.


Our mobile qualified NDT level II all methods team are available at short notice with our own testing equipments.
Inspection of crack on the landing edge of a blade – Inspection by Eddy Current testing
Non-Destructive-Testing-NDT - Eddy-Current-Testing


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