• “Automatic Visual Quality Inspection System.” LYNX AR from G2METRIC, is an advanced system based on LYNX, dedicated for a fully automated vision inspection. LYNX AR embeds a dedicated projection unit which project directly on the part the Assembly sequences and / or the result of the inspection. This feature allows to project immediately and visualize the results on the part itself, and the necessary rectification can be taken right away. quote request g2metric
  • Lynx-1
    “Automatic Visual Quality Inspection System.” LYNX from G2METRIC, is a fully automated vision system. It significantly reduces inspection times and improves traceability with robust reporting. LYNX embeds a HD camera which takes the reference image and inspection image. Unlike most vision systems we can capture multiple components through our rotation and tilt. LYNX captures the differences using patented high performance optical filters and patented Artificial Intelligence embedded in the Lynx software.  LYNX detects the defaults between a reference picture to an acquired one, and highlight the defaults detected allowing to visualize the results on the part in order to repair it. quote request g2metric

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