Brunson – Portable Metrology stands

Brunson manufactures a variety of portable stands which are designed to give metrology professionals a great deal of flexibility.

This collapsible, tripod-type stand is available in a number of standard configurations. Just tell us your preference.

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Graphite or aluminum legs. These stands are available with aluminum or graphite double upper legs, which span from the shoulder pivots to the “knee” of the stand. Stands with graphite upper legs have a lower weight and give an advantage with respect to thermal stability.

Adjustable or fixed instrument mount. The stand is available with either an adjustable instrument column, or with an instrument adapter fixed directly at the top of the stand. The adjustable instrument mount employs a handwheel-driven worm gear for up-and-down adjustment of the instrument column. The collar may then be clamped to avoid any inadvertent instrument movement. 

Short or tall. The M-series stands are available in a short or tall version. The double upper leg section and the adjustable instrument column of the tall version are longer, providing the additional height. The lower leg sections are the same length on both versions. 

Pad feet. Swivel pad feet are standard on the M-Series. The swivel pads have a thin, textured rubber pad on the bottom.

Use the legend below to construct the part number for the M-Series stand that best suits your needs – or give us a call, and we’ll help you determine the best configuration.


Datasheet & Reference

Model Short/Tall Adj/Fixed Height Range Graphite Weight Aluminum Weight
MxS2000SA Short Adjustable 74.3 – 140.3 cm (14.5 kg) (15.9 kg)
MxS2000SF Short Fixed 61.9 – 97.2 cm (11.8 kg) (13.2 kg)
MxS2000TA Tall Adjustable 104.5 – 189.5 cm (15.9 kg) (18.1 kg)
MxS2000TF Tall Fixed 92.1 – 127.3 cm (12.2 kg) (14.5 kg)


Model Maximum Load
M-Series Adjustable 29.9 kg
M-Series Fixed 68 kg


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