LYNX AR – Augmented Reality

“Automatic Visual Quality Inspection System.”

LYNX AR from G2METRIC, is an advanced system based on LYNX, dedicated for a fully automated vision inspection.

LYNX AR embeds a dedicated projection unit which project directly on the part the Assembly sequences and / or the result of the inspection.

This feature allows to project immediately and visualize the results on the part itself, and the necessary rectification can be taken right away.

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In todays highly technical manufacturing industries we have controls in almost every part of the process however there is still a requirement to do a visual inspection in most cases at some point of a products manufacture.

As humans we are not infallible, we miss things or sometimes overlook something obvious which in the world of manufacturing has very time consuming, expensive and sometimes irreversible consequences.

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The automatization of the visual inspection becomes self evident.

LYNX has a built-in robotic controlled light.

  • The Light controls the lit environment of the component during inspection giving strong repeatability between reference and acquired images.
  • The Light also gives better interaction between the operator and component. Pointing to inspected areas after check, the Lynx highlights with a colour code features with a run, pass or fail.
  • The projector allow also to project directly on the part the assembly sequences and the result of the inspection.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Automated.
  • Removes the human error from visual inspection.
  • Colour back projection of visual inspection results on the part itself.
  • Non-compliances detection on the station.
  • Fast inspection. > 2000 features in an hour.
  • Significantly reduces manual inspection times.
  • Managing products release
  • Can check small or large components.
  • Can be used in various applications.
  • Easy to set up and program.
  • A very flexible solution allowing parallel use of multiple systems.
  • Offers instant reporting giving traceable results.
  • A very intuitive editor to create the inspection checkplan.

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360° Azimuth / 220° Tilt / Up to 10 m radius


Presence / Lack, Form, Color, Poor Assembly


For production purpose


Edit and Archive dedicated reports

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