Magnetic Mount for Portable device

6”, 8″ or 10” Magnetic Mount for Portable device with 3 1/2″ threaded ring 

Our circular magnetic mounts come in three sizes 6”, 8” and 10”.

An excellent way to mount a portable CMM arm or laser tracker on a ferrous surface like a steel plate or table is using a magnetic mount.

Some customers use them as a very flexible mounting solution on a large steel table or even mount them directly on the bed of a machine tool.

They are easy to turn on and off, using a hex key allen wrench, so a user can quickly use one to move around while measuring a large part on a table.

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This 6” version is recommended for all portable measurement arms like those produced by FARO up to 12ft long.

For measurement arms over 12 ft long we recommend the 8” magnetic mount.

We also recommend the 6” magnetic mount for the latest smaller generation of laser trackers like the FARO Vantage S and FARO Vantage E.

For older versions of the laser tracker like the FARO blue body laser trackers like the Ion, Xi, X, Si and I models we recommend the 8” version.

In instances where a customer has a unique situation where they want to mount a laser tracker horizontally on a wall or upside down we always recommend the 8” version and in some cases we may even recommend the 10” version for extreme situations.


Our magnetic mounts include a stainless steel 3-1/2″-8 mounting ring that is universal. The magnetic mounts come in a hard case with custom foam to ensure that they are easy to transport to the work site. We also offer adapters for the 3-1/2″-8 ring for customers needing to use the magnetic mount with a 5/8″ thread for a laser scanner. 

Includes Gray Hard Plastic Carry Case


Datasheet & Reference.




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