MetrologyWorks – Laser Tracker SMR Solid

Solid Break Proof SMR, Solid Ball that is Coated

Drop this SMR as many times as you want these SMR s are bullet proof.

We keep the Solid Series SMR s in stock at all times

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Metrologyworks uses a proprietary design that includes an isolation core that adds stability and durability to the piece while also allowing the optic to be used in connection with the MetrologyWorks proprietary centering process that can yield very high centering accuracy including High accuracy SMR s.

Each SMR includes a protective ring which helps to block stray light while also allowing you to attach a lanyard to it.

The only drawback to the Silverback SMR is that they do use a glass reflector that is fragile and if the SMR is dropped can shatter. If you are using the SMR in an application where dropping the SMR is a concern we encourage you to look at either our Rhino Series laser tracker SMR s or our Solid laser tracker SMR s.

Datasheet & Reference.

Standard Accuracy

Centering +/-0.00125″ or Better

Mid Accuracy

Centering +/-0.0006″ or Better

High Accuracy

Centering +/-0.00015″ or Better

1.5″ Laser Tracker Ball Probe SMR Solid Series Ref. LTBP-A-Z-SO-SA Ref. LTBP-A-Z-SO-MA Ref. LTBP-A-Z-SO-HA
7/8″ Laser Tracker Ball Probe SMR Solid Series Ref. LTBP-B-Z-SO-SA Ref. LTBP-B-Z-SO-MA Ref. LTBP-B-Z-SO-HA
0.5″ Laser Tracker Ball Probe SMR Solid Series Ref. LTBP-C-Z-SO-SA Ref. LTBP-C-Z-SO-MA Ref. LTBP-C-Z-SO-HA


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