G2Metric, retailer of Metrology Products

With our highly experienced team in metrology for more than 10 years, G2Metric is the official retailer of Brunson products, New River Kinematics (Spatial Analyzer), Third Dimension (GapGun) and 8Tree (FastCHECK & dentCHECK).
We place at your disposal our expertise to offer you the best choice on metrology products and services.


BRUNSON have provided metrology accessories since 1927, and provides a complete catalog of optics and metrology tooling.
We also provide custom tooling and accessories, taking into account your specific project requirements.


SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) by New River Kinematics (NRK) is the premier portable metrology software solution for large-scale manufacturing applications. It’s a highly flexible, instrument-independent, traceable 3D graphical software platform that makes you save time, money, and effort–ultimately improving productivity.
New River Kinematics is an engineering software company specialising in metrology and technical graphics. Since 1994, NRK have answered a great number of industrials needs including simulations and robot-like control, dimensional metrology and the data base management. The first objective of NRK is to exceed the customer’s requirements with efficient software.


Third Dimension since 1995 has been one of the world leaders in the supply of means of measurement without contact.
The GapGun, their leading product, is a portable, light and solid instrument, largely used throughout the world in automotive and aeronautics industries.


G2Metric, specialist in dimensional metrology,  is the official European retailer for 8Tree products.
8Tree has a large scale of products specialising in 3D surface inspection.
We are in particular offical distributors of dentCHECK and fastCHECK solutions, allowing anybody to quickly and precisely obtain all information about dent and protusion from a surface or checking fastener flushness.

Discover the new G2Metric metrology system : « LYNX ».
LYNX is an industrial vision system to service quality control. It secures and significantly reduces your control times by avoiding manual verification. Automatic, powerfull and fast, it can be easily adapt to your working environment and cover both large and small volumes in a single control.


G²Métric is retailer for the handheld GelSight Mobile measurement system. High accuracy for any type of surface, 3D vizualisation and data are provided in few seconds, as soon as the sensor is in contact with a surface.
User friendly, easy to use, this system is very accurate with micron-level measurements. Thanks to the elastomeric sensor, GelSight mobile can be use in a lots of environments and can analyze many types of surfaces (reflective, transparent) and material (glass, fiber, metal).