The engineering division at G2Metric is composed of 3 departments so we can best answer your metrology needs.

From the simple feasibility study to the custom-made solution integrated in your environment, take a look at our competence centers:

Study and Integration service offer covering the following areas:

• Automated inspection and assembly stations
• Specific processes
• Dedicated Inspection System
• Design & Development

Automated inspection & assembly stations

• We develop Metrological solutions for automated control or assembly stations. Including the supply of software package and specific tools.

• G2Métric has supplied more than 70 stations of this type to Airbus, Dassault, Stelia, Bombardier, Embraer.


• Development of dedicated metrological systems adapted to specific processes to support production.

• Study of control processes, drafting of ranges and procedures, studies and simulation of test configurations, simulation and evaluation of measurement uncertainties.

Dedicated Inspection

• Turnkey supply of dedicated measurement systems for automated control. Integration study of the measurement system, design of tools and accessories, study of control applications, man-machine interface.

• Integration, installation and commissioning. Maintenance and warranty of installed systems.

Design &

• Study and manufacture of dedicated tools for measurement.

• Study of software solutions and digital applications for measuring system control.

Study department ; R&D department

We will manage your projects from the functional requirements, to offering the best industrial solution available to complete the task:

• Definition of functional specifications.
• Feasibility R&D proposal.
• Estimation of performance and optimization of the measurement configurations.
• Selection and evaluation of materials.
• Definition of industrial tools.
• Definition of the software functionalities.

Software Development department

Our software engineers can provide all the specific software development needed for the project. We can also integrate third party software packages:

• Definition of software architecture.
• Definition and coding of all calculation functions.
• Development of the instruments interfaces and the piloting functions.
• Development of the HMI in line with rules defined by the customer.
• Development of the communication interfaces (Support for I/O with databases).

Integration department

Our engineers fine tune and integrate the metrology systems into your production area:

• Creation of the measurement check plans required.
• Installation and integration of the specific metrological tooling required.
• Adjustment on site during production conditions.
• Customer support for startup and operator training.

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