Dimensional metrology services

Metrological support and inspection

With over 20 years of experience in 3D metrology, control, inspection, calibration, on parts, assemblies, or subassemblies, and means of production, G2Metric provides you a total project management for all your on-site assembly and adjustment operations.

We ensure the set-up of your facilities: from installation to final inspection, and receipt for production.

Product inspection

Because it is most important to control your product quality and to gather dimensional data to make you production processes reliable and to ensure your product conformity:

Quality inspection (parts & products) or production control:

serial inspection of parts, part inspection on machine, sub-assembly measurement, First Article Inspection…

Measurement or adjustment on production line:

part assembly assistance with metrology means, adjustment during production, survey inspection, raw part analysis and balancing…

Specific inspections

We manage all types of inspections up to surface inspections and small characteristics thanks to our products:
Dentcheck : measurement of Dent or bumps following impacts or deformations, measurement of pull-in
GapGun : to check the conformity of your clearances (step) and misalignments (gap), other specific readings of small characteristics
Gelsight : for the inspection of defects such as scratches or fixings
HandyScan : for the inspection of small defects (eg: surface inspections, deformation, tulip effect on your bindings)

Jig Installation & Calibration

Because we understand that only a good and calibrated jig Production Line could produce good Part, we at G2Metric assist you adjusting and calibrating your Jigs & Tools.
Workstation and complete assembly line erection and installation: adjustment, new equipment installation, transfer of single workstation and industrial transfer of complete production line, periodical inspection, repair and refurbishing
Tool inspection and conformity checks: functional interfaces and surfaces inspection, mechanical adjustment, survey and anomaly inspection, periodical dimensional and functional inspection

Don’t forget that a Jig is moving along the Production time, annual periodical inspection is mandatory to ensure that it continue to provide Part as your requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Need to modify your Part? you don’t have the CAD Model? Reverse Engineering is your Solution, and G2Metric is answering your request.

Because we know Metrology and Part Production, we adapt our Scanning solution to your final Production needs, and we apply reverse engineering in order to deliver a true CAD model ready to be modify or manufacture.

Our Expertise for Test & Suvey

Based on our experience and expertise in dimensional metrology engineering and supported by our multidisciplinary teams and our wide range of instruments, we define and carry out your specific tests:
Testing : dynamic measurements, validation of products and special machines, static tests, pressure and thermal deformations, in-flight measurement (deformations), measurements during forging.

Aircraft On Ground expertise (AOG)

Assistance for refurbushing on site (equipment, cabin, brackets, etc.
AOG site assistance: assistance for part replacement on sites (HUD), adjustment, assembly of new equipment
Post-incident inspections: aircraft measurements according to specific manufacturer procedure
Post-incident inspections: specific inspections and report

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