Calibration Services

CMM Calibration

Anyone can certify a Coordinate Measuring Machine; we calibrate it. This means we not only issue a certificate that is traceable, but adjust the machine to manufacturer’s specifications or better (depending upon age or condition).

If you want to maintain your machine’s accuracy, you need to carry out a Yearly Cleaning, Calibration & Certification. Re-calibration is also required if your CMM has been moved, retrofitted, upgraded or if certain repairs have been made. Calibrating CMMs is essential for ensuring they deliver consistent, reliable measurements.

Different calibration options

At G2METRIC, we offer you many different calibration options for your machines.

Each machine needs a different and careful approach to calibration. We have many years of experience keeping measurements devices well calibrated and maintained.

Fully Equipped Services

Our fully equipped service and calibration department can inspect and certify linear and volumetric accuracy.

We can also inspect and certify velocity, angularity, straightness, squareness, flatness, parallelism, and also perform ISO 10360 inspection and calibration on all machines.

Personalized Customer Support

You don’t have to worry about your machine being out of calibration. We’ll do it for you. We will notify you 30 days in advance of your existing certificate’s expiry date, giving you plenty of time to schedule a convenient calibration date.

At G2METRIC, we have a team of calibration and maintenance experts that deal exclusively with Coordinate Measuring Machines.

All our service contracts include free telephone service support and a quick response in the event of a breakdown.
You can contact Service by: Calling us (+972 3 903 1001) or Using the Contact form

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